Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Sports again

Sport dominated my day yesterday. Not active participation on my part, but as part of Life with the Lions. The club has decided to award a bursary of £1,000 a year up till 2012 to help pay the training expenses of a potential member of the Great Britain squad at the Paralympics. Liam is 25, has cerebral palsy, and is already a member of the British boccia team, with which he has competed in Europe, Canada and Brazil. Three of us joined him at one of his training sessions to present the first year's bursary.

(The guy in the suit is the south-east region chairman of Sports Aid.)

Then a meeting in the evening with representatives of a local football club, Patcham United, to discuss the possibility of the Lions entering their under 14 team in the MD competition.

And to add a bit of extra spice to the day, I had two rather surprising emails (which I will have to deal with this morning). First, a reporter from the Eldersburg Advocate wants to interview me by email about our club's twinning arrangement with Freedom District Lions and our joint service project; then, somebody studying for an MA in anthropology is researching the now-defunct Brighton Lions Carnival and wants information.

I'd better get on with answering them.


Uncle Skip, said...

Now I know where to go when I want answers :)


Brighton Pensioner said...

Wikipedia? The local library?

And Bing slew who?