Wednesday, 31 December 2008

A cunning plan

The manufacturers of the washing-up liquid that is used in our house have devised a sneaky way to increase their sales - and presumably therefore their profits. They have not reduced the quantity of liquid in the bottles (at least, as far as I am aware), nor have they increased the price. They increased the size of the hole the liquid squirts from (OK - from which the liquid squirts - I've read yesterday's blog on Rants & Musings). It's only a very little bit bigger, but the result is that a gentle squeeze on the bottle ejects almost 50% more liquid than before. Even when I try very hard, I get about a third as much again. So, a bottle that would last say, four weeks, now lasts only three. Crafty, eh?


Uncle Skip, said...

Maybe if you just pour and don't squeeze...?

Brighton Pensioner said...

Oh come on! That's just too sensible. Besides, I can't break the habit of a lifetime.

Brighton Pensioner said...

Just tried pouring. It wouldn't - you have to squeeze.