Wednesday, 26 November 2008

More dribs and drabs

We now learn that the Government planned, maybe still plans, to increase the rate of VAT to 18.5% after the temporary reduction ends. This was in a document which was released to the media in error. (Or was it done on purpose, I wonder?) Whether or not the Government will be too embarrassed to put the plan into effect, only time will tell.

Governments embarrassed? That will be the day!

I have just spent 23 minutes on the phone to my credit card company. Back in September last year, I bought a batch of ten tickets from Speedferries at what was even then an advantageous rate, thinking to use them gradually when we cross to France. Unfortunately, their sailings have since proved to be increasingly unreliable, although they were excellent when we first started using them about three years ago, and we have switched to using the tunnel. Speedferries has now gone into liquidation and I am hoping that I can get a refund from MBNA on the unused tickets. Things look hopeful, but we must wait and see.

Talking of waiting, I am still waiting for the hearing loop installation company to get back to me about the rescheduled appointment.

A meeting I had this morning was most productive. At the meeting last week of the Lions Housing Society management committee, I and two others were tasked with reviewing the Society's complete salary structure and making recommendations. There are just six employees, but with caretakers living in rent-free flats and other staff with highly individual responsibilities, we needed to give considerable thought to the whole matter. In just an hour and a half we had come up with our proposals. All I have to do now is to type up our report!


Uncle Skip, said...

"All I have to do now is to type up our report!"

That reminds me... all I have to do now is type the minutes for last evening's Lions meeting.

Which brings up the question: Do type up, type out and type all mean the same thing?

Uncle Skip, said...

Yes, I was waiting for your post.

Brighton Pensioner said...

In answer to your question: I don't know. I used to work for a newspaper (in an admin role) and never did find out what the editor meant when he instructed reporters to either write up or write down - apparently they mean different things.

Uncle Skip, said...

"I have just spent 23 minutes on the phone to my credit card company."

I haven't had any dealings with the credit card company, but the other day I spent at least 23 minutes just getting through all of the voice menu selections so I could talk to a real person at the insurance company. I am beginning to get an idea that nobody can do anything at an insurance company without the prior approval from a computer.

Brighton Pensioner said...

I have been meaning to ask how you are getting on with the insurance companies - and how you are feeling now. Is everything back to normal - whatever that might be?

Uncle Skip, said...

So far it remains to be seen if the issues with the insurance company are resolved. They certainly don't want to make it easy. Somewhere down the road I will probably post something on my blog.

Normal is relative isn't it? Hand strength has returned and much of the feeling is back and may continue to improve. But I've been warned not to expect it to be 100%.