Friday, 17 October 2008

Tempus fugit

Amazing how the time can just fly past. I've spent much of the day writing up my sister-in-law's ancestors having promised her I'd get it to her before next weekend when her son will be at home. Apparently he is very interested in all this. I have managed to trace her history back about 200 years and pretty well all of four generations, plus a few of her 3 x great grandparents.

This morning I had my second 'observed drive' for the IAM test. I'm lucky enough(?) to have two observers, although one is just about finishing her qualification as an observer and will be 'taking me on' soon. Both of them have been reasonably complimentary about my driving on both occasions. I was surprised to be told how smooth my gear changes are - I would expect anyone to be able to change gear smoothly if they have been driving as long as I have - but I must improve my anticipation of bends etc and make my use of mirrors more obvious. The problem (if it is a problem) is that I can use the interior mirror and the driver's side exterior mirror without moving my head so it sometimes seems to an observer that I'm not using them.

I had wanted to do more work in the garden, but time has gone by too fast. At least I have had three days this week when I have been able to get out there.

Bad news about my friend John (zone chairman of Lions). He has cancer and must be feeling very rough as he says he might not manage to be at the zone meeting next Tuesday. It's such a shame - he's a great guy, and a very enthusiastic Lion. I feel sorry for his partner Chris as she will also be feeling things badly.

Now I must try to write up a little more on Les Lavandes - and maybe even add a bit to the November issue of JJ!

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