Sunday, 27 August 2017

Just updating

I haven't posted for a week - and what I have posted recently hasn't been anything of my own. But as Skip said, life has just been getting in the way. What with barbecues with the family, a visit from my daughter, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner with friends (not all the same friends and not all on the same day!), there has been little enough time for me to grapple with the complexities of my brand new iphone. Yes, I finally decided to retire the old Nokia. It has served me faithfully for many a year but I felt I wanted something more sophisticated, something that would just give me more that simple phone calls - and horrifically difficult texts!

Throw in Lions work - transport for stroke patients and the blind, shopping for food banks, dealing with bookings for PSA tests while another Lion was away, planning the fireworks display and putting together the proposal for relieving fuel poverty in Brighton and a couple of business meetings. I have also had fun dealing with various bits of software such as Survey Monkey, Jotform and even PayPal. Still, most of it has been fun. Of a sort.


Jenny Woolf said...

It sounds like you have been pretty useful as well as busy!

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

Life doesn't get in the way.
Life happens.
We choose to participate or observe.
If there's any time left we may choose to share.

I suppose I could write blog posts whilst MB is chauffeuring me, but I would rather see the sights and comment, sometimes aloud, about other drivers.

It's good to see a post here on your blog, even when it's once a week.