Monday, 25 April 2016

In praise of youth

There was a time - I'm sure there was! - when the "older" generation moaned about the "youth of today".  That said, I don't recall hearing any old gits (like me) complaining recently about the younger generations.  Personally, I have never felt that there has been anything wrong with the youth of whatever day.  There are rotten apples in every barrel - but there are plenty of good, healthy ones as well!

I thought that today I would highlight just a couple of the success stories I have heard recently.

I'll start with Kidane Cousland.  Now aged 24, he grew up on a rough council estate in Tottenham, north London, one of three sons of a single mother.  At the age of 11 he was still unable to read and he left school with just 3 GCSE "C" grades.  He joined the army at 16 and was eventually selected for officer training.  He has now graduated top of his class at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, and been presented with the Sword of Honour.

Then there is Zoe North.  Diagnosed with cerebral palsy just before her second birthday, her family were told she would never be able to walk unassisted. Yet, 18 years on, she has managed to defy the worst of the doctors’ prognoses to take part in the London Marathon - although she was given a head start.  In fact, she started last Wednesday and spent each of four days covering about five miles in about 3 1/2 hours.  Yesterday, the day of the marathon, she set off to complete the final stretch.  Her efforts had raised more than £90,000 for charity when she started yesterday, and could well bring in over £100,00.

And there are just so many more youngsters to whom I am privileged to take off my hat.


Sarah said...

I agree BP - the youth of today are the same as the youth of yesterday and the same as the youth of tomorrow - a real mixed bag, some good, some not so.

Jenny Woolf said...

Two very impressive people. I don't think most people want to complain about the youth of today at present, most folks I know are absolutely livid at the government and all the heartless, self seeking politicians who behave in ways which I am sure would have forced them to resign a few years ago. They don't even hang their heads in shame. I'm actually rather sorry for the youth of today having to mop up the mess.

joeh said...

I wish we could get an acceptable youth to run for President in the US, instead of all these "Old Gits!"