Friday, 24 July 2015

Peter Sellers

Sometimes called the greatest comedian of all time, Peter Sellers died 35 years ago today at the age of 54.  I remember nearly splitting my sides with laughter at The Goon Show, a zany radio programme in which he appeared with Spike Milligan, Michael Bentine and Harry Secombe.  He is often remembered for his role in the film The Millionairess in which he starred with Sophia Loren.  The song they recorded, Goodness Gracious Me, doesn't feature in the film and it was released as a single simply to promote the film.  Back in 1960 it didn't bother anybody, but I wonder what the politically correct brigade would make of it now?

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Sarah said...

Was it really 35 years ago ... Wow. There probably was a great deal that was politically incorrect about some of his stuff but it was all so clever. A lot of things seem to be so lazy today but you could never have said that of him.