Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Thumb twiddling

I thought I might as well jot something down while waiting for the ambulance to take us to the hospital for the required tests.

There has almost been a nip in the air the last couple of mornings, and Holly the weather did warn of the possibility of grass frost on Sunday night.  The days, though, have been reasonably warm and sunny, although several degrees cooler than last week.

In Stanmer woods last week one could almost be forgiven for thinking that the beech trees were dressed in their spring green.

But this beech tree in Withdean Park has already started performing its alchemist's trick of turning to gold.

But then there are still water lilies in bloom on the Waterhall dew pond.

Yesterday afternoon, as I walked across the fields I was escorted by a large flock of swallows.  For about half an hour they were flying over my head - and at times they skimmed the long grass, only to seem to jump about six feet when the dog popped up!  It was noticeable that they were all flying more or less in one direction, no swooping around in circles.  I think my walk must have been under their migratory route and they were heading for warmer parts.  That's probably what the pair of warblers in the garden the other day were doing.  I couldn't tell whether they were willow warblers or chiffchaffs, both species being almost identical and only distinguishable by their songs.  But they weren't singing.  The only bird that sings at this time of the year is the robin, and one serenaded me for nearly half an hour on Sunday afternoon while I was cutting back overhanging branches from our naighbour's trees.

Autumn really will be with us soon enough.  And it's only three months and two days till . . .

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Sarah said...

No, we are NOT talking about that yet BP!

It is so lovely right now though isn't it and you really can't beat the Robins song.