Sunday, 13 July 2014

People are peculiar

Take yesterday, for instance.  I had occasion to make a trip to the supermarket - having forgotten a few things on Friday.  Being a Saturday morning, the place was busy so I drove to a quiet part of the car park.  I've gathered too many scratches and scrapes in busy car parks to worry about walking a few yards extra.  I parked in a space where the one in front was empty - although the ones each side of that were occupied - so that I could simply drive off, always assuming tht nobody parked in that space before I returned.  There were two (or three) empty spaces to my right and three or four more to my left.  When I returned, somebody had parked right beside me, so close that the driver would have had to squeeze out of the door.  The rest of the empty spaces were still that - empty!


joeh said...

Happens to me as well, I don't get it!

Brighton Pensioner said...

There's nowt so queer as folk, as they say up in Yorkshire. It's not some unpleasant plot aimed just at you, Joe.