Tuesday, 8 October 2013

While I'm away

I'm pretty sure that was part of a line from a song.  I seem to remember that it went something like, "While I'm away, oh please remember me.  Soon I'll be sailing far across the sea."  Not that it is of any importance.  But I'm off to stock up on the usual goodies available so much more cheaply across the Channel.  I thought to leave you with one or two piccies in my absence - not many words except for brief descriptions.

Looking back over my "work" so far this year, this picture is well in the running for favourite of the year.  I had taken numerous photos of the rape flowers in the fields over in France while driving around (no, not actually while driving.  I did stop the car to take them.) but one day I took a stroll along a lane going out of the village and came across a fruit tree (cherry?  plum?) at the side of a field.  The whole scene, with the rape flowers, the trees just coming into leaf, the blue of the sky and the white clouds as well as the white blossom, just looked so fresh that I couldn't resist.

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