Saturday, 31 August 2013

Should I or shouldn't I?

I am in an absolute welter of indecision.  Actually, that has always been something of a problem with me; there are times when I just cannot make up my mind.  That said, there are times when I make decisions almost too quickly having allowed myself very little time to consider the pros and cons of my action.  In the main this happens when I am shopping for clothes, an activity that bores me silly, hence my need to buy almost the first item of clothing I see that vaguely resembeles what I set out to buy and doesn't offend my Scrooge-like tendencies.  And as for trying on the clothing while I am in the shop, well, forget it.  I don't have the patience for that.  Many is the time I have bought something and regretted it fairly quickly.  But my current indecision concerns technical things rather than clothing.

I do tend to boast or brag or just comment that one of the beauties of time spent at our French retreat is that we buy no newspapers, we have no television, and therefore we have no internet access.  My mobile phone is a good many years old and does nothing but allow telephone calls to be made and text messages to be sent and received.  That, basically, is what I want.  The gizmo is there in case of emergency.  I have no wish to be constantly referring to a small implement in my hand in case an email has arrived or to see what is happening to somebody on the dreaded Facebook.  But there are times, times when it would be good just to check on what is happening out in the wide world of the blogosphere, times when I would like to check on how things are going with friends who are not too well, and...

Do I have Luddite tendencies?  Am I a complete technophobe?  I like to think that the answer to both those questions is negative, and yet...  While my daughter was staying with us a few weeks ago, I noticed her apparently using her phone to surf the web.  I took the opportunity to ask a few questions.  Questions that to many people will seem so basic as to require an idiot's guide to answer them.  Like, how can you connect to the web?  Do you use the same account as the one you use with your computer?  Are you linking in to my wifi connection?  Daughter responded by trying to explain about 3G and 4G and I was immediately befogged.

It should be simple enough for me to go to a mobile phone shop and have them explain to me just how to go about these things.  But then there are other questions.  How can I tell how much I am downloading?  What if one month I want to download more than my plan allows?

No, it's all far too complicated.  I really do not need a phone to make my coffee and tell me how to get from here to there.  I think I'll just stick with my trusty old Nokia and do without all the bells and whistles.  What surprises me is that "my" phone is still available to be bought - for £15 in the UK but for $90 in the US!  Perhaps I'll try selling it on Ebay.

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Buck said...

I resisted "smart" phones for the longest time... up until two years ago. Now I wonder just how I managed to get by all those years without one. I suppose they're kinda like techno-crack.