Monday, 12 August 2013


I set a new record yesterday.  It cost me just a few coppers over £90 to fill the car, the most I have ever spent at one time on fuel.  Mind you, the on-board computer was telling me there was just enough fuel left for 20 miles so I did put in more than 60 litres (that's 14.18 gallons).  To think I can remember the time when I would pull up at the pump, ask for four gallons (it wasn't self-service) and still get change from a ten shilling note.

However, I do have to confess to being a trifle worried.  I can remember what I had for breakfast - not hard, as it's always a bowl of cereal - and can even remember last night's dinner (roast pork) and dinner the night before (confit de canard - duck's leg preserved in its own fat) but I have just noticed that I posted a picture on Saturday that I had posted only a couple of weeks earlier.  Does that mean I'm losing my marbles?  Possibly, or there again, possibly not.

So, today's picture.  Basically, this is another view I have shown before, from near the Upper Lodge Wood looking along the Stanmer valley to Castle Hill (on the right above the trees) with a distant view of Firle Beacon (the pointed hill in the centre of the horizon).  One of my all-time favourite views.

On the map below, "A" marks the spot where I was when I took the picture, the pink marker is Firle Beacon.

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