Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Busy busy

OK, so we got back to Brighton yesterday evening looking a bit like a pair of boiled lobsters.  It was so good to see some sun while we were in France that we both overdid sitting and just occasionally working in the courtyard.  This was not at all what we had expected so neither of us had packed shorts and we had no sun cream.  Could have bought some, I suppose, but didn't think of it.  Anyway, it was quite enough hassle just driving to the boulangerie every morning without making diversions.

Now, of course, comes the reckoning.  Piles of washing, seemingly dozens of letters and emails to deal with, I must remember to fetch the dog from kennels, there's shopping to be done, and so the list goes on.  (I'm not really complaining.  After all, I brought all this on myself so there's no point anyway.)

I set the computer in the car back to zero at the start of the week.  On our return it showed we had travelled 1035 miles and the fuel consumption was an average 50.7 to the gallon.  Granted, much of  that 1035 miles was spent cruising on motorways at 70mph (according to the speedometer, so probably nearer to 66) but we did have a couple of horrendous traffic jams - both in England on our way to the shuttle under the Channel.  What usually takes an hour and a half took two and a half hour so we missed the train we were booked on.  Even I don't allow for that much delay!

The wine rack looks a lot healthier this morning.

Must get on.


The Broad said...

You have my sympathy for the traffic jam! We are leaving Southport for France on the 17th -- will spend the night with relatives in St. Albans, leaving the next morning to catch an 11.30 ferry in Dover... That means hitting the M-25 and hoping we manage to avoid a bad traffic jam and clear sailing over the Dartford Bridge/tunnel...

Brighton Pensioner said...

Good luck with the M25! But just think of those lovely, empty French autoroutes.