Monday, 21 May 2012

The seductive charms of lethargy

I have spent the last week being wooed by the smooth waters of the River Lethe.  I have not taken Fern for her twice-daily walks ince ast Saturday week.  I have done nothing in the garden - and there are plants desperately in need of care and attention in the shed at the end of the garden.  I have let the laundry build up to an unacceptable level (we have just two clean tea towels in the drawer) and I have entered my "office" just the once to grab the laptop I have been using to make these posts.  There are things I need to be doing and I must shrug off this temptation to sit back and let the world get by without me.  So, as the weather is supposed to become pleasantly warm this afternoon (21 possibly - that's hitting 70 - though there's precious little sign of it as yet) I must try to take Fern for a gentle walk.  Perhaps a stroll over the football pitches at Waterhall.

Meanwhile, here is a picture, not of the Lethe, but of the Trout River in New Hampshire - or was it Vermont?  I took this several years ago when the Old Bat and I managed a short visit to New England in the fall.  I have always delighted in this peaceful scene which just happened to present itself to me.  As I drove over the bridge I spotted the pleasant scene and noticed the cattle making their way to the river.  By the time I had parked and walked back to the bridge they were in the perfect position to complete the composition I wanted.


Suldog said...

Ah, one of the supreme joys of living where I do (Boston area) is Autumn. It is easily my favorite time of the year.

Relax. The tea towels can wait.

Uncle Skip, said...

What's a tea towel?

Buck said...

Skip: dish towel to you, Sir. ;-)

That's a brilliant photo, Brian.

Brighton Pensioner said...

Thanks, Buck. For both the compliment and the translation. Good to have another English speaker about!