Monday, 21 November 2011

My reward

Have you noticed the difference? I finally finished the minutes yesterday by promising myself a few minutes (sorry - the pun is not intentional!) playtime. The result is the new look blog. I had been thinking that the bright blue sea I was using as a background courtesy of Blogger was not really right. Here in England we rarely see the sea that shade of blue. It's mostly grey - as in the picture above which I took on Brighton beach earlier this year. We would need much bluer skies than we usually have to have the sea a true blue. Mind you, I seem to remember that the day I took that photo was a sunny one.

Interesting that a few words about food - in particular, mention of specific dishes - drew a few comments from the woodwork. This links in with a reference Skip made to a forum on which he and I 'met' electronically way back when. That was in the days before all these social networking sites. This particular forum was intended for discussions of matters concerning Lions Clubs but it quickly degenerated into covering this, that and the other. The threads that gathered the most posts always seemed to be about food.

If it hadn't been for that forum, this would never have happened in Maryland in 2002:

Followed by this in Detroit in 2004:

And this in San Francisco in 2006:

This Interthingy truly is wonderful, but it needed the finishing touch of the Lions Clubs to bring it all about.


Stephen Hayes said...

I approve of your blog's new look. A bit more spacious and cheerful, not that the old one was a downer or anything....

Brighton Pensioner said...

Thank you, Stephen.

Buck said...

I like the new look, as well.