Monday, 16 August 2010

Where has the day gone?

I generally try to put some comment or otherwise useless drivel on this blog during the morning but somehow today has gone by without me having the time. No, I have had the time, I have just felt that there were other priorities. One of those was mowing the lawn. This is the first time for six weeks - something completely unknown before - although I suppose it might have happened back in 1976 when we had a long, hot, dry summer. Anyway, I've done it.

Another thing I have been doing is playing around with the Lions' district web site. It was as long ago as January that I was asked to take on the job of district webmaster. I assumed that the handover would, as with all Lions' positions, take place at the end of June/beginning of July but it now seems that I was intended to get into harness straight away. Well, I didn't. I did eventually make contact with the previous webmaster sometime in April (I think) and agreed to take it on then. I started redesigning the site to make it simpler and, in my opinion, more user-friendly (ghastly cliche!) then sometime in May I tried to upload the new site. I spent six weeks or more trying to access the server where the site is hosted without success. I will now be transferring to a new server next week - I hope! In the meantime, I decided to change things around a bit to make it easier for me to add or delete pages. The new site - or most of it - has been uploaded onto my own personal site for testing. I will welcome suggestions for improvements if anybody who has bothered to get this far would like to take a look. It can be found here.


#1Nana said...

I checked out your Lions site. It looks great. I will be copying some of the Lions logos...I haven't found these on our district site.

I agree that your site looks uncluttered and easy to use. Good job!

Brighton Pensioner said...

Thank you, Nana. You will find the logos on the LCI site, which is where I copied them!