Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Which one am I?

I'm not entirely sure, but I think I have come to the conclusion that there are three types of Lion. It seems that way in my club and I reckon the same situation occurs in most other clubs. One type is irritating, one exasperating, and the other exhilarating. We have far too many Lions who attend (most) meetings and frequently have an opinion on things. But they never - or rarely - volunteer to actually do anything. The only way to get them properly involved in any activity is to ask them directly, ‘Please will you help with this?' Then there is the exact opposite, the Lion who has to have a finger in every pie. They remind me of schoolboys always eager to please the teacher by raising their hands and saying, ‘Please, sir, me, sir!' Granted, they will sometimes come up with ideas or projects for the club - but then they insist on micro-managing the whole thing and refusing to delegate. The problem is that this type will take on too much with the result that everything is always left until the last minute - and frequently therefore not done as well as it should be. What a shame there are not more of the third type of Lion. These are the ones who will volunteer their assistance without having to be asked directly, but who are careful not to take on so much that they are unable to cope.

So what gave rise to all this griping? Basically, it is because I have ideas for two service projects, both of which - if taken up by the club - would require research before they could get off the ground. I am a little reluctant to put forward either of them because I'm not sure that I either have time for or want to undertake the research. And I have that nagging feeling that it would end up on my plate if I suggest the projects. Having said that, I have actually started researching one of the projects already because I need information before I can put it to the club. Watch this space!

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