Saturday, 29 August 2009

Got there at last

We have advertised Les Lavandes on one particular holiday cottage web site for the last six years and on others intermittently. The others produced so few enquiries that they have all been given up, but the main site has continued to bring a steady trickle of potential guests. But although we regard letting the house as a bonus, we would prefer to have about 50% more weeks let than we have been getting the last year or two. What certainly will not help for next year are the two distinctly unfavourable reviews we have recently received, neither of them (in our opinion) justified. So we decided cancel our advertising with Site A and move to a different site.

It wasn't too difficult to find what appears to be a suitable site. Many of the sites that seem to be best known expect us to sign the house over to them almost completely, just specifying each year which four or five weeks we want to reserve for ourselves. That's not the way we want to do things. But there was another site which came in the top three when searching Google with the phrase "holiday cottage France" so I signed up with them.

It took me all morning to prepare our ad with them so I just hope they find it acceptable.

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