Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Lions video

When I redesigned our Lions web site earlier this month, I embedded a video clip from International Headquarters. Afterwards I decided I would really like to have one of our own club. That would be much more meaningful, I thought. I will be publishing a request in next month's JJ for anybody with a digital video camera to have a chat with me so that we can plan something, but then I realised that I can make a movie clip with Photoshop Elements just using still pictures. I knew also that I could add a soundtrack, but I didn't think I could edit the audio. I've now found a free program to edit audio.

When I got bored with printing menus for our charter night (each one has to be printed separately, which is another story) I tried my hand at producing a video of our fireworks display, and I'm quite pleased with the result:

I deliberately chose music other than the 1812 Overture as that is such a cliche.


Uncle Skip, said...


Good choice for the music, too.

Your talents are limitless.

Brighton Pensioner said...

Not my talents - it's the computer that does the tricky stuff!

Uncle Skip, said...

Oh sure, the computer does all of the manipulations and thinks up this stuff all by itself.